March 11, 2012

April 10, 1984 - To Error is Human

Game #71 - Cleveland Indians, 4 @ Chicago White Sox, 6
Sometimes, things go wrong.  And sometimes, when things go wrong, other things start to go wrong.  The wrongness becomes contagious.  That's my only explanation for today's update.  The Indians and White Sox committed seven total errors today.  It wasn't pretty.  I thought I'd share each of them with you.
  1. Heading into the bottom of the third, the Indians had a slim 1-0 lead.  After starting pitcher Steve Farr walked Jerry Hairston, CF Rudy Law hit a comebacker to Farr he couldn't handle.  E-1.  Hairston would eventually score on a Greg Walker double.
  2. Still in the bottom of the third, but now the Indians are losing 3-1.  Vance Law hit a sharp grounder to 2B Tony Bernazard and it went through Tony's legs.  E-4.  Nobody scores as a result, though, and Farr got out of the inning.
  3. Brook Jacoby smacked one towards White Sox 2B Julio Cruz in the top of the fourth.  Some of the Bernazard stank must have still been on the field, because Cruz couldn't handle it.  E-4.  Jacoby would be stranded when Carmelo Castillo popped out to the catcher.
  4. Top of the fifth, catcher Chris Bando up for the Indians.  He hits a routine grounder to White Sox shortstop Scotty Fletcher.  Fletcher air mails the throw to first, Bando ends up on second.  E-6.  Bando would end up scoring on a sacrifice from Brett Butler.  That's an unearned run for pitcher Britt Burns.
  5. Now in the top of the sixth, DH Andre Thornton hits one back up the middle to pitcher Britt Burns.  Burns isn't ready.  E-1.  Thornton would end up getting thrown out on a Joe Carter lineout.
  6. That brings us to the top of the eighth.  With two outs and Butler standing on third base, Thornton is up.  Perhaps his bat is infecting the ball?  He grounds one to Julio Cruz but Cruz records his second error on the day and Butler scores.  E-4.  Thornton would end up scoring when George Vukovich rips a triple, closing the White Sox lead to 5-4.
  7. Final error of the game.  Mike Fischlin is a late defensive substitution playing third base.  Jerry Hairston hits one hard at him and he boots it.  E-5.  It scores Vance Law to give the White Sox their sixth and final run.
It wasn't a good day to flash the leather, that's for sure.

Winning Pitcher - Britt Burns
Losing Pitcher - Steve Farr
Save - Ron Reed
Player of the Game - Vance Law, 2-4, HR, 2RBI's, 2R's, no errors!
Hall of Famers in the Game - Carlton Fisk

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