July 10, 2012

April 19, 1984 - It's Getting Hoyt in Here

Game #155 - Chicago White Sox, 4 @ Milwaukee Brewers, 1

Forgive me for the silly Nelly reference to start things off, I couldn't help myself.

Chicago has had a rough start to the season but they had their mojo working in today's game.  Facing Moose Haas, they scored their first run of the game in third when Scott Fletcher doubled in Jerry Hairston.  Haas gave up three hits and a walk in the fourth, but only surrendered one more run as a result.  Vance Law added a two run jack in the sixth to complete the White Sox run production.

LaMarr Hoyt fared better than Moose.  ("LaMarr," "Moose," - pitcher's first names were awesome back in 1984...)  He went eight strong innings giving up only one run, an RBI single from Dion James that plated Rick Manning.  Ron Reed gave up a double to Ben Oglivie in the ninth but big O was left stranded.

Winning Pitcher - LaMarr Hoyt
Losing Pitcher - Moose Haas
Save - Ron Reed
Player of the Game - Hoyt, 8IP, 1R, 4H's, 2K's
Hall of Famers in the Game - Carlton Fisk, Robin Yount, Paul Molitor


  1. Hey Rob! As I mentioned on a different post, I'm replaying the 1978 season, and it's taken me 32 years to reach July 20th! It'll be nice to read your posts and follow a different season than mine...one that I remember following in real life. Unfortunately, my favorite player, Johnny Bench, retired the previous year. Will you have Pete Rose make his triumphant return to the Reds in August?

  2. 32 years - oh man, I don't know if that excites me or frightens me, lol...

    Rose will be heading back to the Reds at some point. I'm "loosely" trying to follow when players were traded from one team to another, but it hasn't been an exact science. (I had Dennis Eckersley, for instance, pitching for Boston and Chicago at the same time to start the season...). Rose has been awful for the Expos so far, only a couple of hits in 12 games. He better pick up the pace if he wants to re-pass Ty Cobb...

  3. Trust me, it's been a FUN 32 years! I remember just getting started...it seemed like forever to get to May, but once I did, suddenly I felt like I was finally in the thick of things, and making good progress, and officially into the 1978 season.

    I started playing so early in my life (I was 17), I had no stat books, no Internet, and no Sporting News guides to help me with rosters, so I foolishly trusted Avalon Hill's team designations for players, and only later did I found out that many players were on teams that, in real life, they didn't play for 'til mid-season, after trades and AAA call-ups. Oh well. I promised myself I wouldn't make any trades during my season, though, so wherever the players started, that's where they'll remain. I did create some minor league players, though, so I do have call-ups throughout the year.

    And man oh man, have I made some mistakes: playing games that weren't scheduled, the discovery after TWELVE years that I was playing two Dan Spillners on two different teams, a Phillies-Expos series that I played in the wrong home city, a lost Claudell Washington card that I eventually found behind a bookcase. All part of the charm of replaying a season, I guess!