March 23, 2014

Month In Review - April

It took about two years and three months, but the first month of Statis Pro 1984 is in the books!  It feels awesome to pass that milestone.  I keep the scorecards from the games in a one inch binder, and it's just about full, so I'm starting a new one for the new month.

I would say the top storyline continues to be Joe Morgan's insane start to the year.  He has a slash line of .483/.603/.862.  His continued luck with the Fast Action Cards is unprecedented.  Joe only played about two-thirds of the games in 1984, so I've rested him against every left handed starter.  That might explain a small bump in his stats, but not all of it.  The month of May will help determine if Joe is for real, or a benefactor of smaller sample sizes.

Other Guys Besides Joe Morgan Who Are Playing Way Over Their Heads:

Mike Young, OF, Orioles
Wayne Krenchicki, 3B, Reds
Steve Kemp, OF, Yankees
Greg Minton, P, Giants
Terry Puhl, OF, Astros
Tony Fernandez, SS, Blue Jays

Favorite Game in April?

The Mike Flanagan one-hitter!

Your MVP Race So Far:

1.  Joe Morgan
2.  Eddie Murray
3.  Mike Young

1.  Dale Murphy
2.  Darryl Strawberry
3.  Dwight Gooden

Your CY YOUNG Race So Far:

1. Doyle Alexander
2. Mike Boddicker
3. Dave Stieb

1. Dwight Gooden
2. Bob Knepper
3. Bruce Sutter


P - Dwight Gooden
C - Jody Davis
1B - Eddie Murray
2B - Joe Morgan
3B - Wade Boggs
SS - Tony Fernandez
OF - Dale Murphy
OF - Mike Young
OF - Darryl Strawberry

I'm An Awesome Manager Of...

The Houston Astros.  I've got them well in the lead in the NL West with a great combination of platoons and relief pitching.

I'm A Terrible Manager Of...

The Texas Rangers.  They're a better team than their record reflects.  Not sure why they're struggling so much, though they have had a fair share of injuries.

Looking Forward

I'm guessing it will be three to four years before I finish May.  Life is much busier than when I first started this endeavor.  Thanks to all of you who stop by from time to time!  The games are still fun and I'll keep plugging along. 

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