June 15, 2014

May 3, 1984 - Happy Father's Day!

Instead of taking time for myself to play Statis Pro on this special day, I ended up hanging out with my daughters in the backyard as they had fun in the inflatable pool.  I think I made the right call!  But don't worry, I got a couple of games in yesterday during their naps...

Game #311 - Kansas City Royals, 0 @ Milwaukee Brewers, 7

The Moose was loose!  He crushed the Royals, limiting them to five hits and a walk while pitching a shutout with five strikeouts.  Jack Lozado and Charlie Moore contributed five of the seven RBI's for the game.

Winning Pitcher - Moose Haas
Losing Pitcher - Charlie Liebrandt
Player of the Game - Mooooooooose
Hall of Famers in the Game - George Brett, Robin  Yount

Game #312 - Minnesota Twins, 4 @ Seattle Mariners, 8

When Mike Moore pitches for the Mariners, two things are a given.  He's going to strike a bunch of guys out, and I have no idea if he'll last more than two innings.  This game he was miraculously good, holding the Twins to one run until they tagged three on him in the eighth.  Bob Stoddard finished things off to pull Seattle within two games of .500 again.

Winning Pitcher - Mike Moore
Losing Pitcher - Mike Smithson
Player of the Game - Jack Perconte, 3-4, 2 2B's, 2RBI's, 3R's, 1SB
Hall of Famers in the Game - Kirby Puckett

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