May 15, 2016

Friend Requests - San Diego Padres Analysis pt. 2

Joey asked for an update on the San Diego Padres, as he's replaying their 1984 season right now.  I think he's doing much better than I am.  Since we looked at the team last summer I've played five more games with them, bringing their record to a still uninspired 14-23.  My primary issue with their performance continues to be their offense.  They can't seem to click at the same time.  Tony Gwynn is his typical excellent self and Graig Nettles is still playing above his 1984 talent level, while Steve Garvey might be the worst starter in the National League for my Statis Pro season.

The offense:

C     Terry Kennedy      1HR, 9RBI   .252/.291/.319/.611
1B    Steve Garvey        3HR, 15RBI  .211/.253/.296/.549
2B    Alan Wiggins        3HR, 25SB   .305/.354/.437/.791
3B    Graig Nettles        6HR, 18RBI   .280/.370/.505/.876
SS    Gary Templeton    0HR, 7RBI    .252/.307/.276/.583
LF    Camelo Martinez   4HR, 22RBI  .267/.351/.450/.802
CF   Kevin McReynolds  3HR, 15RBI .295/.316/.425/.740
RF    Tony Gwynn           2HR, 16RBI  .365/.405/.455/.860

The pitching;

Ed Whitson            3-5   3.95   22k
Eric Show              1-5   6.75   28k
Mark Thurmond     4-2   4.17   14k
Andy Hawkins        1-4   5.31   31k
Tim Lollar               2-2   4.14   37k

Goose Gossage       1-2   3.47   2sv
Craig Lefferts          0-0   0.51    5sv
Dave Dravecky       0-1   3.32    12k

The pitching has been unlucky, so they have to rebound at some point.  And Garvey can't be any worse, or Terry Kennedy for that matter.  I continue to wait for the turnaround!  Joey also asked if I'm using the Avalon printed team cards or another source.  My game came with the 1985 season, but I noticed that those teams were missing the sporadic cup of coffee player here and there, so I went with a third party I found online.

If you're reading this blog and want to know more about your favorite team or submit a lineup, just let me know in the comments!


  1. Thanks, I can share my stats so we can compare. Garvey is batting near .300 for me after 85 games. Nettles is over performing for me too. He is batting .270 with 21 homeruns in under 250 at bats. Tony Gywnn is hitting .355 but his extra base hits are amazing. He has matched or surpassed his XBH in just a little over half the season.

  2. It appears my pitchers are doing better than yours. I will share later today or tomorrow. Thanks again.

  3. Through 87 games(Using as played schedule.)

    C Terry Kennedy 5hr,31 RBI .264/.300/.360
    1B Steve Garvey 4hr,49 RBI .297/.324/.369
    2B Alan Wiggins 4hr,23 RBI .267/.346/.343
    SS Garry Templeton 0hr,25 RBI .269/.328/.327
    3B Craig Nettles 22hr,67 RBI .270/.369/.578
    LF Carmelo Martinez 7hr,28 RBI .239/.362/.402
    CF Kevin McReynolds 13 hr, 33 RBI .245/.283/.441
    RF Tony Gwynn 6hr,51 RBI .355/.412/.510

    Ed Whitson 7-4 3.61 86k
    Eric Show 9-6 3.97 86k
    Mark Thurmon 6-4 3.48 57k
    Andy Hawkins 8-6 4.19 66k
    Tim Lollar 6-7 5.24 89k
    Dave Dravecky 2-0 2.62 31k

    Goose Gossage 3-3 2.19 40k 17 saves
    Craig Lefferts 6-3 1.82 20k 4 saves

  4. What lineup do you typically use?

  5. As played for that game..I use

  6. Usually: Wiggins, Gwynn, Garvey, Nettles, Kennedy, McReynolds, Martinez, Templeton.

  7. Interesting - I don't stick to the lineups as dictated in the past, but do stick to total games played/innings pitched as best as I can. I typically bat them Wiggins, Gwynn, McReynolds, Nettles, Martinez, Garvey, Kennedy, Templeton. I usually bench Nettles for Salazar vs. a lefty starter.