July 28, 2016

May 19, 1984 - I'm Back

It's been over a month, which was about the amount of time my family and I needed to move to a new house three miles away and get settled.  But we made it!  And my Statis Pro game was undamaged!  On to the games...

Game #485 - Texas Rangers, 1 @ Kansas City Royals, 6

I actually played this one before we moved!  As such the details are a little fuzzy but I know Pat Sheridan was spelling Willie Wilson in center field, and led off the bottom of the first with a single, eventually scoring on a Frank White sacrifice fly.  Onix Concepcion crossed home plate on a Greg Pryor ground out in the second, and that's all the scoring that occurred until the bottom of the eighth when K.C. erupted for four runs, including 2 RBI from a Dane Iorg single.  Charlie Leibrandt took a shutout into the ninth before George Wright plated Larry Parrish with a triple.

Winning Pitcher - Charlie Leibrandt
Losing Pitcher - Danny Darwin
Player of the Game - Leibrandt, CG, 3K's, 8H's

Game #486 - Cleveland Indians, 11 @ Milwaukee Brewers, 3

I played this one last night, so it's a bit fresher in my mind.  Especially Brett Butler.  In the real 1984 he had three home runs for the entire season.  In Statis Pro he'd only launched one.  In fact, Butler is one of the worst performing starters in my game, at the bottom of the unlucky barrel.  But he went crazy in this game!  He blasted a "clutch batting" homer in the second and bombed another one in the sixth, giving him four RBI's on the game!  Meanwhile, Bert Blyleven took his own shutout into the ninth before Roy Howell crushed a three run jack with two outs.  Howell had three of the seven hits on the day for the Brew Crew.  Howell is hitting over .400 on the season, about 170 points higher than he did in the real 1984.  Now we know who is stealing Brett Butler's mojo...

Winning Pitcher - Bert Blyleven
Losing Pitcher - Moose Haas
Player of the Game - Butler, 3-6, 2HR's, 4RBI's, steal
Hall of Famers in the Game - Bert Blyleven, Robin Yount

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