November 10, 2016

May 22, 1984 - The Two Inning Save

Game # 515 - Chicago White Sox, 5 @ Kansas City Royals, 6

Coming off a game where Kansas City lost two of its starting players, Pat Sheridan and Steve Balboni, and knowing there are another seven games before George Brett is off the DL, they could ill-afford more injuries.  But that's just what they got!  In two separate incidents, Frank White (16 games) and Jorge Orta (8 games) both went down!

That wasn't enough to prevent a win for the Royals, though.  Down 5-2 in the bottom of the seventh, K.C. staged an epic comeback.  The Royals recorded five straight singles to score four runs, including the tying and go-ahead RBI from U.L. Washington...who was only in the game for the injured White!  Dan Quisenberry worked two innings for the save.

Winning Pitcher - Joe Beckwith
Losing Pitcher - Richard Dotson
Save - Dan Quisenberry
Player of the Game - U.L. Washington, 1-3, 2RBI

Game #516 - Baltimore Orioles, 4 @ Oakland A's, 3

I have a daughter with Type 1 diabetes, and whenever we changer her evening insulin dosage, we have to check her a couple of times in the middle of the night to make sure her blood sugar doesn't get too low.  I took the first shift a couple of nights ago, and decided to play Statis Pro to stay awake until midnight, the first check time.  What a disaster!  I was literally falling asleep throughout the game, finding names half-written, my score sheet was a mess...I'm never doing that again!  The Orioles managed to avoid my slumber errors to eek out a victory, including a two inning save by Tippy Martinez.

Winning Pitcher - Storm Davis
Losing Pitcher - Chris Codiroli
Save - Tippy Martinez
Player of the Game - Eddie Murray, 2-3, 2 2b's, R, BB, RBI
Hall of Famers in the Game - Cal Ripken, Eddie Murray, Rickey Henderson, Joe Morgan

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