May 29, 2017

May 27, 1984 - New York State of Mind

Game #579 - Los Angeles Dodgers, 1 @ New York Mets, 7

Fernando Valenzuela faced a disastrous third inning.  With two outs Keith Hernandez walked, George Foster singled, Mike Fitzgerald singled, Ron Gardenhire doubled, Danny Heep reached on a Pedro Guerrero error, Jerry Martin singled, and then Bruce Berenyi mercifully popped out to Guerrero.  Only two of the five runs were "earned" for Valenzuela, but the Dodgers never recovered, despite Valenzuela pitching a complete game.

Winning Pitcher - Bruce Berenyi
Losing Pitcher - Fernando Valenzuela
Player of the Game - Berenyi, CG, 1R, 5H's, 7K's, 3BB's

Game #580 - New York Yankees, 8 @ Oakland A's, 3

 Willie Randolph, Steve Kemp, and Dave Winfield knocked three straight doubles to lead off the game for the Yankees.  They added three more runs in the top of the second when Don Mattingly singled with the bases loaded to score two.  The A's never rallied after the initial 5-0 deficit, despite Larry Sorensen pitching a nice four scoreless innings of relief for Oakland.

Winning Pitcher - Dennis Rasmussen
Losing Pitcher - Chris Codiroli
Player of the Game - Don Mattingly, 3-5, R, 3RBI
Hall of Famers in the Game - Dave Winfield, Rickey Henderson

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