July 31, 2017

May 29, 1984 - Hit by Pitches

Game #601 - Baltimore Orioles, 2 @ Seattle Mariners, 3 (12 innings)

The Orioles were up 2-0 after five and a half innings, getting an unusually good outing from Dennis Martinez.  This despite the fact he plunked two Mariners in the bottom of the fifth.  But in the bottom of the sixth Seattle got its revenge when Ken Phelps launched a two-run blast to tie things up.

Mark Langston hit Gary Roenicke with a pitch in the top of the seventh and in my mind the imaginary umpire issued a warning to both sides.  Langston lasted nine innings, striking out eight but the game was still tied, so on to extras it went.

Neither team could advance a runner to second base until the bottom of the twelfth.  With two outs Tom Underwood walked Alvin Davis and then Steve Henderson.  That brought up Al Cowens...who lined a single to center!  Davis took off for home, and the throw from Al Bumbry was late - Mariners win on the walk-off single by Cowens!

Winning Pitcher - Edwin Nunez
Losing Pitcher - Tom Underwood
Player of the Game - Al Cowens, GWRBI
Hall of Famers in the Game - Cal Ripken, Eddie Murray

Game #602 - Kansas City Royals, 3 @ Texas Rangers, 10

Frank Wills of the Royals got lit up like a Christmas tree, surrendering six runs in less than two innings.  Paul Splittorff didn't fair much better, giving up another four runs in short reliever stint.  But Mark Huismann saved the bullpen by pitching the last 5+ innings, allowing zero runs, but plunking two Rangers.  Five different Texas players had at least two hits in the route.

Winning Pitcher - Danny Darwin
Losing Pitcher - Frank Wills
Player of the Game - Buddy Bell, 3-4, 2B, 3B, RBI, 3R's, BB


  1. It sounds like some tension in game #601. I am not sure where I found the information below but it has scenarios for a possible brawl. You may find it interesting.

    The chart is triggered three different ways:
    1. HBP follows a home run.
    2. Batter who homers is HBP on his NEXT at bat.
    3. Two HBPs in the same inning.
    4. HBP follows Batter hit by opposing pitcher in next turn.
    5. HBP follows 5 runs given up in inning or 10 in game.
    6.Two HBP by same pitcher (If a third HBP for that pitcher select new PB number. 3-7 use result #25-32 below, 7-8 use result #58-64, 9-12 use result #81-88 below.)


    11-16-Pitcher, hitter and catcher all ejected.

    17-24-Batter ejected, suspended for 3 games for charging the mound & throwing punches

    25-32-Pitcher ejected from game

    33-41-Pitcher warned. Immediate pitcher ejection if he hits another batter during game

    42-48-Words exchanged. Batter is angry. All his split chances go up by 5 against SAME PITCHER for balance of game.

    51-57- Words exchanged. Batter has become wimpy. All his split chances go down by 3 against SAME PITCHER for balance of game.

    58-64-Both benches are warned. Immediate pitcher ejection if another batter is HBP during the game

    65-72-Batter ejected from game for making nasty gestures at pitcher

    73-78-Batter and catcher wrestle on home plate. Both ejected, suspended 3 games

    81-88- DONNYBROOK!! Pitcher, hitter and catcher ejected, along with one player on hitting team, one on pitching team. ONE PB # PER CLUB DETERMINES THESE: 3-5-Relief pitcher of manager’s choice 6-8-Utility infielder of manager’s choice 9-Starting 1B 10-Starting CF 11-Starting 2B 12-Starting RF

  2. This is AMAZING. I'm trying this out in the future - thanks!!!