August 28, 2012

April 20, 1984 - Gator

Game #166 - Texas Rangers, 2 @ New York Yankees, 8

Ron Guidry was a dominant pitcher in his day, just a few injuries short of a Hall of Fame career.  1984 was not one of his better seasons, but Statis Pro Guidry hasn't gotten that message.  Despite having a "2-5" pitching rating, sub par in Statis Pro, he has been a ragin' Cajun.

Things didn't begin well for Guidry.  Buddy Bell hit an RBI sacrifice fly and Pete O'Brien added an RBI double to give Texas the early 2-0 lead.  But Charlie Hough gave it away in the bottom of the first.  With the bases loaded he walked three batters.  Steve Kemp, the hottest AL hitter not named Joe Morgan, added a solo homer later as the Yankees rolled.

Winning Pitcher - Ron Guidry
Losing Pitcher - Charlie Hough
Player of the Game - Guidry, 8IP, 6H's, 3K's, 2R's

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