August 13, 2012

April 20, 1984 - Royal Pain

Game #163 - Kansas City Royals, 0 @ Cleveland Indians, 2

There are guys in this Statis Pro league I've started rooting for without any real reason why, and Bert Blyleven is one of them.  Maybe I joined his band wagon because of his delayed enshrinement into the Hall of Fame.  Maybe it was Chris Berman's classic "Bert Be Home Blyleven" nickname, I don't know.  But Bert had a heck of a game today.

Blyleven pitched a complete game shutout.  He limited KC to three hits (two by George Brett) and just one walk.  Meanwhile, his battery mate Chris Bando hit two solo homers to provide all the offense Cleveland needed.

It looks like the picture taken in this card was Cleveland's old Municipal Stadium.  I went to one game there, and it is by far the worst stadium I ever sat in.  The seats were so small and crowded your knees ran into the next row, not to mention they didn't even face towards the action.  What's your least favorite ballpark?

Winning Pitcher - Blyleven
Losing Pitcher - Bud Black
Player of the Game - Blyleven
Hall of Famers in the Game - George Brett, Bert Blyleven

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  1. I've been to Municipal Stadium twice, in 1974 and 1982; I was just a kid in '74, so the negative aspects of the ballpark had no affect on me, but in '82 I was more a fan of baseball, and I could see where people had reason to call it 'The Mistake by the Lake'. Still, it was an old-time park, and that facet of it made the visit a memorable one.

    With that in mind, my worst place to see a ballgame had to be the Kingdome in Seattle; ugly, dark , dank, no sunlight, artificial turf, a gymnasium-like sound to was like watching baseball played in someone's basement.

    I also went to one Sonics basketball game there...absolutely ridiculous how they set that one up.