November 19, 2012

April 22, 1984 - O's Cruz to Victory

Game #187 - Minnesota Twins, 2 @ Baltimore Orioles, 3

Check out that head of hair!  It's a thing of beauty!  How did he get it all under his ball cap?

There was a good pitcher's duel in Baltimore.  Mike Boddicker of the Orioles and Ken Schrom of the Twins were slinging it pretty good.  The Twins got the bases loaded in the third but only scored one run when John Lowenstein threw out Dave Engle at home and Mickey Hatcher hit into a double play. 

The Orioles answered back in the sixth when Cal Ripken put one into the cheap seats to tie things up.  But Tom Brunansky led off the seventh with his own solo homer to put Minnesota back out in front.

In the bottom of the eighth the Twins had their best bullpen arm, Len Whitehouse, on the mound.  Gary Roenicke and Cal Ripken each walked, and Eddie Murray grounded out deep in the hole at first but advanced the runners to second and third.  That's when Todd Cruz, pinch hitting for Wayne Gross, delivered the improbable two-RBI single that turned out to be the deciding runs of the game!  Cruz was a .215ish hitter in the real 1984 but is at .500 so far this season.  Unreal.

Winning Pitcher - Mike Boddicker
Losing Pitcher - Len Whitehouse
Save - Sammy Stewart
Player of the Game - Todd Cruz, PH single, 2RBI's
Hall of Famers in the Game - Kirby Puckett, Cal Ripken, Eddie Murray

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