November 14, 2012

Week In Review: April 15-21

When I started playing this Statis Pro week, I was unemployed, living in Michigan, with a pregnant wife carrying my third child.

When I finished it, I was employed in a great new job for five months (and counting), living in Texas, and with an almost-five-month-old who has her daddy's red hair.

A lot can happen in a week of Statis Pro Baseball.

The Phenomenal Phive:

I thought I'd try a new angle to these weeks in review with my own power rankings.

#1.  Toronto Blue Jays (12-3) - Their starting pitchers are silencing bats and going deep into games, which helps them avoid their biggest weakness, their bullpen.  Their offense is on a major tear, led by speedy second baseman Damaso Garcia and underrated first sacker Willie Upshaw.  Jorge Bell's afro ain't hurting either.

#2.  Houston Astros (11-4) - Paced by the big three of Ryan/Knepper/Niekro, Houston is screaming out of the gates.  They haven't missed a beat since losing Dickie Thon.  Jose Cruz is swinging a hot bat and role players like Denny Walling and Terry Puhl have the Astros looking like the best team in the NL.

#3.  Boston Red Sox (11-3) - I think I've started Dwight Evans at three different spots in the Boston line-up, and he's hit the snot out of the ball in each one.  Their pitching staff has really only been mediocre thus far, but the offense is so potent it hasn't mattered. 

#4.  New York Yankees (10-3) - Three AL East teams in the top five, and that's not even counting Baltimore or Detroit, who have also been excellent.  Steve Kemp is smoking hits right now as New York keeps coming out ahead in ball games.

#5.  Atlanta Braves (10-4) - Dale Murphy and the Atlanta starting pitchers are carrying the team right now.  Gerald Perry of all people leads the league in walks as well.  Things keep going the Braves' way, but I can't help but think their luck is due to turn.

I don't have enough time to poor over the stat sheets for interesting tidbits, but thanks for keeping up with the blog.  Three weeks are done, May is around the corner...

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