December 19, 2012

April 22, 1984 - Glad and Sad Tidings

Game #195 - Cincinnati Reds, 4 @ San Francisco Giants, 3

Let's start off with the happy...

Merry Christmas!  I haven't been able to post recently as we've had my family in town the past week.  I'm off work all next week and I hope to punch out some more games during the break.

Dave Parker enjoyed the holiday season by crushing a three run homer in the top of the first off Bill Laskey to give the Reds the early lead.  Cincinnati starter Jay Tibbs had the Giants off balance and off the scoreboard until the seventh when they finally plated two runs.  Ted Power gave up a run in relief in the ninth, but that's as close as San Fran would get in the nail-biting loss.

Winning Pitcher - Jay Tibbs
Losing Pitcher - Bill Laskey
Save - Ted Power
Player of the Game - Parker, 2-4, HR, 3RBI's, Stolen Base

And now the sad...


Sad news for fans of 1984 and/or the Reds.  Former pitcher Frank Pastore passed away this week from complications related to a motor cycle accident last month.  Turns out Pastore had been a Christian radio talk show host over the past few years and evenly eerily referenced the thought of dying on his bike on his last broadcast.  A pretty good summary of his passing can be found here.

My prayers and condolences to his family and fans...

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