January 17, 2014

Week in Review - April 22 through April 28

Would you believe it's been almost fourteen months on the nose since my last week in review?  At this rate I might not live long enough to finish this season.  I'm not complaining.  This is a hobby.  I have a job, a more than accommodating wife, and three young daughters to play with.  I get the games in when I can!

The Phenomenal Phive:

1.  Detroit Tigers, 15-4.  Just like the real 1984, the Tigers are off to a fast start.  Their lineup is stacked, with most of the team hitting above their normal expectations.  Willie Hernandez keeps it locked down two innings at a time to secure all those wins.

2.  Toronto Blue Jays, 16-6.  The Blue Jays have kept the pressure on Detroit, not only for the AL East lead but for the crown of best Statis Pro team in the land.  Jorge Bell is still hot, and so are starting pitchers Doyle Alexander and Dave Stieb.  Tony Fernandez, getting a lot of at-bats due to Alfredo Griffin's injury, is unstoppable of late.

3.  Houston Astros, 14-7.  Jose Cruz and Bob Knepper are dominating the NL right now.  They have Houston expanding their lead on the rest of the NL West. 

4.  New York Yankees, 13-6.  I'm not sure how or why, but Dennis Rassmussen has been one of the best pitchres in the league in the first month of the season.  Hot hitting from scrubs like Steve Kemp and Lou Piniella have got the Yankees clicking.

5.  Boston Red Sox, 14-7.  The AL East is a rough division to play in!  Their pitching hasn't been outstanding, but Dwight Evans and the other sluggers have stayed consistent in producing runs.  Tony Armas is putting more and more balls over the Green Monster. 

To my small but faithful following, thanks for hanging in there.  I'll see what I can do about completing the coming week before 2015!  Any suggestions or requests for the blog?  Comment below!

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