August 23, 2014

May 5, 1984 - 3+3+3=9

Game #333 - Atlanta Braves, 1 @ Montreal Expos, 9

I've been waiting for this day pretty much since the start of the blog.  The day has finally come.  Tim Wallach is the player of the game!!!

Why does this excite me?  Because it gives me a chance to direct you to one of my favorite sites on the web - the Tim Wallach blog - where @29collector is literally trying to collect every baseball card ever printed of his favorite player, Tim Wallach.  This concept is so outlandish, and the player so random, and the site so original...I don't have the right words for how perfect it all is. 

Speaking of perfect, that was about how good Wallach's day was in Statis Pro.  The Braves had a 1-0 lead against Bill Gullickson when Wallach went deep for a home run in the bottom of the fourth off Rick Camp.  In the top of the sixth with one out, Gerald Perry reached on a Terry Francona error and moved to second when Bob Horner walked.  I pulled Gullickson for the left-handed Gary Lucas to face fellow leftie Chris Chambliss.  The switcheroo worked as Chambliss hit into a double play.

In the bottom half of the sixth Wallach got plunked by Camp.  I wish there was a benches clearing brawl function in Statis Pro, because the Montreal fans would have been enraged.  Wallach got the last laugh, though, when Miguel Dilone plated him on a sacrifice fly for a 2-1 lead.  That, and when Wallach blasted a three run homer the next inning too, sending Camp to the showers and Montreal to victory.

Winning Pitcher - Gary Lucas
Losing Pitcher - Rick Camp
Player of the Game - Tim Wallach, 3-4, 2HR's, 4RBI's, HBP, 3R's
Hall of Famers in the Game - Gary Carter, Andre Dawson


  1. are you keeping individual statistics too?
    I imagine this is going to take years to complete.

  2. I am keeping the stats! If you scroll down you'll see the league leaders. And yes, it will take years, lol...

  3. I treat the Z-play where the pitcher, catcher, and 1st basemen are ejected as a brawl. For good measure I also eject the batter. It makes for a more realistic situation.

  4. I might do that! It's always a weird Z play when that comes up... I've also thought of ejecting pitchers who seem to retaliate after their own batter gets hit...

  5. I created a "rule" of my own about pitcher ejections. It is somewhat flexible. I allow one per team. Then, the second for one of the teams results in a warining for both sides, and any more beyond that, I eject the pitcher. Sometimes, however, I eject them sooner, if they hit the other team's best hitter as the second or third in a game. Sometimes, I even hand out five game suspensions! I haven't done that recently, however.

  6. I allow one hit batter per team. Sorry if there was any confusion.