September 27, 2014

May 6, 1984 - How the (AL) West Was Won and Where It Got Us

Oakland Athletics, 2 @ Minnesota Twins, 0

Let's take a look at the two starting pitchers in the game, and you tell me who should have won:

Pitcher A:  9IP  8H  9K 0BB
Pitcher B: 8.1IP 4H  1K 5BB

Pitcher A was Frank Viola, who threw a complete game but gave up a pair of solo home runs in the third inning to Bill Almon and Davey Lopes.  Pitcher B was Steve McCatty, who lucked out time and again during the game, including four double plays the Twins offense couldn't avoid.  McCatty almost had the shutout, but with Tom Brunansky singling with one out in the ninth I didn't take and chances and brought in bullpen stud Bill Caudill for the save.

Winning Pitcher - Steve McCatty
Losing Pitcher - Frank Viola
Save - Bill Caudill
Player of the Game - McCatty
Hall of Famers in the Game - Kirby Puckett

Happy Trails - Lenny Faedo
I forgot to mention the last time the Twins played that Lenny Faedo was done for the season.  I'm not sure why, but in the real 1984 Faedo started the season with the team but then mysteriously dropped off the roster before May, never to make it to the big leauges again.  Here's the tale of two Faedo's:

The Real 1984:  16G  52AB  6R  13H  1DB  1HR  6RBI  .250/.304/.327/.630
Statis Pro 1984: 16G  48AB  2R   8H   1DB  0HR  3RBI  .167/.167/.188/.354

California Angels, 7 @ Seattle Mariners, 2

Ken Phelps, king and mascot of the saber-minded folks in baseball, had the ultimate Ken Phelps game.  First AB:  strike out.  Second AB:  walk.  Third AB:  two-run homer.  Unfortunately, that was all the offense the Mariners could muster against the Angels, who extended their lead in the AL West with yet another victory.

Winning Pitcher - Jim Slaton
Losing Pitcher - Ed Vande Berg
Player of the Game - Dick Schofield, 3-5, 2B, 2RBI's, R


  1. Two questions, what is the 'db' in Faedo's stats, and what is ken phelps's home run range?

  2. Sorry - the DB stood for double, it looked weird when I had 1 2B... Phelps' home run range is 16-26, lol...