January 25, 2012

April 3, 1984 - Extra Inning Rain

I'm still tinkering with how to format these posts, report the scores, etc, so hang in there with me!

It occurred to me that I should explain more about Statis Pro Baseball as well - many of you have probably never played it. The easiest way to describe it is as a tabletop board game that simulates a real game with a surprising amount of detail and accuracy, especially because you are using actual teams and players with season specific data. For instance, 1927 Babe Ruth is much more likely to hit a home run in this game than 1989 Vince Coleman. "Fast action cards" determine the outcomes of at-bats, including if the action is based on the pitcher's card or the hitter's card. Each player's card dictates the probability of a hit or an out, etc.

If there are men on base you consult "out charts" to determine outcomes related to the runners. For instance, the Yankees and Royals today hit into six combined double plays.

One of the best surprises in Statis Pro, however, are the "z" plays. When a "z" shows up on the "fast action card," you know something out of the ordinary is about to happen. It can include player ejections, injuries, spectacular fielding plays, and...rain. Today the Yankees and Royals were knotted up at 3 runs each in the top of the 11th when, as Don Baylor dug into the batter's box, a monsoon erupted over Kansas City. So, technically speaking, this game concluded on April 4th, before their next scheduled game together. This proved to be a game changer because it forced Dave Righetti and Dan Quisenberry off the mound.

With one out in the top 11th, Steve Kemp, Butch Wynegar and Mike Pagliarulo had the bases loaded. Joe Beckwith got Bobby Meachem to ground out but Kemp scored on the play. Willie Randolph added an insurance run with a single. Mike Armstrong walked Frank White but coaxed Don Slaught into a game ending double play in the bottom of the inning.

Game #4 - New York Yankees (1-0), 5 @ Kansas City Royals (0-1), 3 (11 Innings)
Winning Pitcher - Mike Armstrong
Losing Pitcher - Joe Beckwith
Player of the Game - Willie Randolph, 3-5, 1R, 1RBI, 1BB
Hall of Famers in the Game - Dave Winfield, Phil Niekro, George Brett

I'll have more of the April 3 games posted soon!

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