January 27, 2012

April 3, 1984 - Rest of the AL Games

I can see now one of the best features of playing a full season of Statis Pro will be the chance to shine a spotlight on the...how should I put this? Less talented players? I mean no disrespect with that statement. If you played even one inning at the Major League level, you have proven yourself a supremely gifted athlete. But in the grind of the 162 game season, it won't always be Mike Schmidt or Tony Gwynn as the star of the game. Today's post honors the "other guys."

Game #5 - Detroit Tigers (1-0), 8 @ Minnesota Twins (0-1), 3
We all know what a hot topic Jack Morris' Hall of Fame candidacy creates. Today's game seemed to be the quintessential argument both for and against his enshrinement. Pro-Morris supporters would comment that he carried a no hitter into the bottom of the seventh against the Twins. His detractors would probably mention he had walked five batters and hit another before DH Randy Bush broke the no-no with a double. Morris "gutted out" 8 2/3 innings before finally running out of gas. Dave Bergman was the star on offense and even made a sweet unassisted double play while Alan Trammell belted a three run homer too.
Winning Pitcher: Jack Morris
Losing Pitcher: Mike Smithson
Player of the Game: Dave Bergman, 3-3, 2R, 2RBI, 2b
Hall of Famers in the Game: Kirby Puckett (though you could argue for Morris, Trammell, Whitaker, Evans...)

Game #6 - Milwaukee Brewers (0-1), 1 @ Oakland Athletics (1-0), 2
This was a very uneventful game as Steve McCatty (and his 2-5 PB rating, which is the worst you can have in Statis Pro) scattered 10 hits across seven innings, sticking poor Don Sutton with the complete game loss.
Winning Pitcher: Steve McCatty
Losing Pitcher: Don Sutton
Player of the Game: Steve McCatty, 7IP, 1R, 1K, 2BB
Hall of Famers in the Game: Paul Molitor, Robin Yount, Don Sutton, Rickey Henderson, Joe Morgan

Game #7 - Cleveland Indians (1-0), 18 @ Texas Rangers (0-1), 3
You read that right folks. The Indians tagged the Rangers with 18 runs on opening day. Every Indian hitter had at least one hit and one RBI. The Rangers committed 4(!) errors in the infield as Hough couldn't get his knuckler going and the bullpen got murdered.
Winning Pitcher: Bert Blyleven
Losing Pitcher: Charlie Hough
Player of the Game: Jerry Willard, C - 4-5, 1HR, 4RBI, 4R's, 1BB
Hall of Famers in the Game: Bert Blyleven

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