May 11, 2012

April 18, 1984 - Buck Fifty

Game #150 - Los Angeles Dodgers, 4 @ Houston Astros, 3

Confession time.  I started this blog a few months back because I've had some extra time on my hands.  Namely, I've been on "funemployment."  I thought I worked in an industry that was immune to the financial plight of the outside world, but alas, I learned the hard way that wasn't true.  This time away from steady employment has had its moments of pleasure but it mostly consisted of worrying about how I would provide for my family.

I'm happy to report that today I was offered a new job - one that will be better in almost every way, shape, and form than my previous position.  I am ecstatic.  It starts June 1st.  I get to move my family half way across the country and start a new adventure.  And I get a steady paycheck again, which is a nice bonus.

I can't believe that I've managed to play a 150 games of Statis Pro baseball in that time.  It was either a colossal waste of time or a sanity-saving exercise.  Maybe a little from column A and B?  The blog will continue, but the next three to four weeks are going to be quite hectic.  Hopefully by the middle of June I can start posting semi-regularly again.  The pace may slow a bit but I love this renewed hobby of mine.  Thank you so much for reading this blog!

Enough with the personal life mumbo-jumbo, an excellent game occurred between the Dodgers and Astros.  Alejandro Pena and Nolan Ryan were the opposing pitchers so I knew it would be a fun one.  Each pitcher surrendered a run in the first inning but it stayed tied through seven innings.  Pena left after the sixth for a pinch hitter (Franklin Stubbs) who grounded out and stranded Dave Anderson on second base.

In the top of the eighth Nolan was back on the mound but gave up three straight walks before being lifted for Frank DiPino.  DiPino let two of his inherited runners to score and one of his own as well.  Two of those RBI's came from a pinch hit double by Bill Russell.  Russell has been mired in a season long slump, so it was fun to see the Dodger veteran come through in the clutch. 

The Astros struck back in the bottom half of the inning by scoring two runs on reliever Carlos Diaz, but Ken Howell put out that fire and eventually recorded his first save of the season.

Winning Pitcher - Jerry Reuss
Losing Pitcher - Frank DiPino
Save - Ken Howell
Player of the Game - Bill Russell, 1-1, 2B, 2RBI's
Hall of Famers in the Game - Nolan Ryan


  1. You should have brought in (read your earlier posts about him).