May 7, 2012

April 18, 1984 - Half a Twin

Game #144 - California Angels, 3 @ Minnesota Twins, 1

The Twins scored one run, aka, half a twin.  To be fair, they were going up against Geoff Zahn, who was better than decent back in 1984.  But Minnesota is now 2-11 on the season.  This is a grueling stretch of losing, especially with Twins starter John Butcher pitching a pretty good game. 

The game was scoreless going into the bottom of the third.  With two men on, Tom Brunansky lined a single to score Ron Washington.  Kirby Puckett tried to score too but Brian Downing gunned him down at the plate.  It stayed 1-0 until the sixth inning.  With the bases loaded Reggie Jackson crushed a double, scoring two runs.  Butcher got lifted after that but an Ed Hodge relief pitch got past Tim Laudner to score Downing from third.  That was enough for a California win.

Winning Pitcher - Geoff Zahn (2-1)
Losing Pitcher - John Butcher (0-3)
Save - Doug Corbett (2)
Player of the Game - Zahn, 8IP, 7H's, 3K's, 1R
Hall of Famers in the Game - Reggie Jackson, Kirby Puckett

Happy Trails - John Castino
Castino played his eighth and final game of the 1984 Statis Pro season.  If nothing else, it gets Gary Gaetti out of left field and back to the hot corner.  Let's compare the real 1984 with Statis Pro:

Real 84: 27AB, 5R, 12H, 1 Double, 3RBI, .481SLG, 5BB, .444AVG
Statis 84: 28AB, 3R, 12H, 1 Double, 2RBI, .464SLG, 4BB, 429AVG

Those are eerily close stats for such a small sample size.  Castino's career ended after 1984 because of a fused disc (according to Wikipedia, anyway).  That's too bad as he was just 29 years old when he played his final game.  Looks like he's doing ok, though.

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