May 8, 2012

April 18, 1984 - Cards and Cubs Doubleheader!

It occurred to me a few weeks back that the baseball schedule I've been following (The Baseball Cube) is the schedule for when the games were completed, not necessarily when they were supposed to be played.  As such, I've actually ignored a couple of "Z" plays that call for a game to be rained out before five innings are in the book, because I knew I didn't have the same freedom of rescheduling that MLB had in the real 1984.

Today was the first time a "scheduled" doubleheader was played from the real 1984, and I'm assuming it must have been a rain makeup due to the time off the Cubs and Cardinals have had since their last game and the fact these games were being played on a Wednesday.  But just like Ernie Banks used to say, "let's play two!"

Game #147 - St. Louis Cardinals, 3 @ Chicago Cubs, 15
I have a new respect for managers who have to supervise bullpens during doubleheaders.  St. Louis presented a nightmare scenario for any skipper in game one.  Dave LaPoint gave up three runs in the first, the only inning he pitched.  Neil Allen came in after that and surrendered five more runs over three innings.  Ralph Citarella slung it for another 2 1/3 innings while getting shelled for seven runs.  Jeff Lahti was the only reliever to escape with his dignity intact.  He held the Cubs scoreless for an inning and two-thirds. 

Chuck Rainey, meanwhile, settled down after a harrowing first inning to go eight total for three runs.  He struck out six while scattering seven hits and four walks.  The first eight Cubs in the batting order all had at least two hits and only Jody Davis never made it across home plate for a run.

Winning Pitcher - Chuck Rainey
Losing Pitcher - Neil Allen
Player of the Game - Gary Matthews, 2-3, HR, 3R's, 2RBI's, 2BB's
Hall of Famers in the Game - Ozzie Smith, Ryne Sandberg

Game #148 - St. Louis Cardinals, 5 @ Chicago Cubs, 3
The Chicago bats must have been fatigued after their 19 hit barrage in game one.  The Cards put up four runs on Steve Trout in the second inning.  Chris Speier hit an RBI single and Willie McGee crushed a triple with the bases loaded. 

The Cubs threatened in the sixth, though.  Catcher Steve Lake doubled home Keith Moreland and backup shortstop Dave Owen singled home Richie Hebner.  They would tally three runs total in the inning but that was as close as it would get.  Dave Rucker and Bruce Sutter shut Chicago down in relief of Kurt Kepshire.

Winning Pitcher - Kurt Kepshire
Losing Pitcher - Steve Trout
Save - Bruce Sutter
Player of the Game - Willie McGee, 2-5, 3B, 4RBI's
Hall of Famers in the Game - Bruce Sutter, Ryne Sandberg


  1. Wow, I can't believe I stumbled across your blog! My first intro to Statis Pro was in 1985, when a relative of mine gave me a copy of the game with cards from 1978 (which was a great season in itself). I immediately became infatuated with it, and still play it today as much as I can. Because I wanted a 'newer' game, 1984 was the first season I actually bought, so it holds a special place for me. So far I've actually played about 40 games of the actual season (I am playing the 1985 schedule with 1984 cards because back then, I didn't have a full 1984 schedule). My (4) division leaders are:

    Detroit 26-11 (great hitting and pitching)
    Texas 22-18 (this division is nuts; last place Oakland is only 5 games back)
    Pittsburgh 27-11 (awesome pitching and no hitting)
    Houston 26-14 (great bullpen and good SP)

    Glad to see you are an O's fan....I'm in Baltimore and still love managing the O's.

    I'll continue following your blog. Good luck with this endeavor; it's tough finding the time to play as many games as you would like.


    1. Hey - I'm glad you found the site! Pitt and Texas seem to be doing much better for you than for me, lol. I'm glad you'll be around to read the blog - I appreciate the traffic!