January 1, 2013

April 24, 1984 - 13K's to Ring in 2013

Game #205 - California Angels, 10 @ Boston Red Sox, 4

My wife fell asleep with our six month old at 7PM last night, giving me New Year's Eve to knock out a couple of Statis Pro games.  They resulted in two of the most dominant pitching performances of the season.  I'll feature game #2 tomorrow (you'll want to read the recap - trust me) but for the first post of 2013 let's take a look at the Angels vs. Red Sox!

Mike Witt looks a bit smug in this baseball card.  You might too if you pulled off what he did against the Red Sox.  It was the perfect storm of a team that strikes out a lot with a pitcher who has a wide strikeout range on his Statis Pro card.

Doug DeCinces had already knocked in Bobby Grich in the top of the first when Witt took the mound.  He walked lead off man Wade Boggs, which is never a good sign.  However, he ended up striking out the side to get out of the jam.  The score was 3-0 in the bottom of the fifth.  Witt had already racked up 7K's when he again walked the lead off hitter, this time Dwight Evans.  A Doug Decinces error ended up scoring Evans, but Witt chalked up two more strike outs to bring his total to nine. 

At the same time, Red Sox starter Bob Ojeda was whiffing the Angels at a pretty good clip.  But California crushed him in the seventh.  Ojeda struck out eight total Angels on the day, but gave up 8 earned runs, 14 hits, and 4 walks in the process.  Witt lasted eight innings and had a final tally of 13 strike outs.  That was a pretty convenient way to bring in 2013!

Winning Pitcher - Mike Witt
Losing Pitcher - Bob Ojeda
Player of the Game - Witt, 8IP, 13K's (Statis Pro record to date), 0 earned runs
Hall of Famers in the Game - Wade Boggs, Jim Rice

As I mentioned earlier, please check back tomorrow, I'll be recapping the most exciting game of the season...

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