January 31, 2013

April 24, 1984 - You say Nieto, Check You Libido...

Game #216 - Chicago Cubs, 5 @ St. Louis Cardinals, 8

...and roll to the plate like a powder blue Guido! 
Tom walks twice to get the pitcher sweating
and it's two more hits that Tom be getting.
The Cubs are stinkin', runs are leakin'
St. Louis has won two and now they're streakin'.
Ozzie hit two doubles with the swing of his bat
and the fans are feeling firm because his beard is black.
McGee is jumpin', Lonnie's bumpin'
Ralph Citarella pitched a little somethin'
The Cards proved that they can't lose
They know what to do, they bust a move!

Winning Pitcher - Ralph Citarella
Losing Pitcher - Lee Smith
Save - Ricky Horton
Player of the Game - Tom Nieto, 2-2, HR, 2B, 3RBI's, 2BB's
Hall of Famers in the Game - Ryne Sandberg, Ozzie Smith

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