January 21, 2013

April 24, 1984 - kenphelpskenphelpskenphelps

Game #211 - Seattle Mariners, 9 @ Toronto Blue Jays, 6

The man.




More on Ken in a second...

Toronto starter Luis Leal had one of those days in this game.  Barry Bonnell and Alvin Davis had both singled in the first when Al Cowens, whose bat has been frigid this Statis Pro season, stepped to the plate.  In honor of Earl Weaver, he dumped one over the left field fence to plate three.

Toronto responded in the second.  They chased Mariners' starter Mike Moore after recording only four outs.  Jesse Barfield had his own three run homer but Damaso Garcia grounded into a double play with the bases loaded to keep the game tied at 3-3.

Seattle put up two more runs in the fourth to retake the lead, but the Blue Jays answered in the sixth.  Relievers Ed Vande Berg and Mike Stanton allowed all nine hitters to come to bat in the inning, including Stanton hitting Garcia with a pitch with the bases loaded.  When the dust settled Toronto was in the lead, 6-5.

In the top of the seventh there was a bit of a rumble outside of the stadium, as if a folk lore of epic proportions had arrived, riding a blue ox.  Leal was still toiling at this point, and with one out gave up a double to Alvin Davis.  Cowens popped out to the shortstop, making it two outs with Davis still on second.  That's when a hulking, red-headed Hercules dug in at the plate.  Luis Leal trembled.  The hitter's thick, luxurious mustache winked at the pitcher and beckoned him to throw the ball.  Unable to control himself, Leal left one hanging over the plate, and the mighty Ken Phelps, god of OPS, delivered one of his three expected outcomes - HOME RUN.  The Mariners took the lead for what turned out to be the rest of the game.  (Phelps also walked twice and struck out twice.  He must be Adam Dunn's biological father, right?)

Seattle has now won three in a row while Toronto has lost three and their lead in the AL East.  There are few things more enjoyable in this Statis Pro season then penciling in Ken Phelps in the starting lineup.

Winning Pitcher - Mike Stanton
Losing Pitcher - Luis Leal
Save - Edwin Nunez
Player of the Game - Ken Phelps, 1-3, HR, 2RBI's, 2BB's

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