July 26, 2014

May 4, 1984 - For Whom the Bell Tolls

Game #319 - Baltimore Orioles, 4 @ Texas Rangers, 9

It always feels like when one team has a left-hander pitching, the opposing team does too.  Mike Flanagan took the hill for the O's, as Frank Tanana opposed him on behalf of the Rangers.  Neither pitcher was particularly effective, despite the fact neither team had a hit until the bottom of the fourth.

With two outs in the fourth, Buddy Bell doubled.  Larry Parrish did too, bringing home Bell.  Hostetler, only playing because Pete O'Brien is on the DL, then homered to give Texas a 3-0 lead.  Baltimore put up two runs each in the fifth and sixth, but the Rangers scored four more in the bottom of the sixth to seal the victory.  Jim Palmer mopped up for his last appearance of the season.

Winning Pitcher - Frank Tanana
Losing Pitcher - Mike Flanagan
Player of the Game - Buddy Bell, 3-4, 2B, 3R's
Hall of Famers in the Game - Cal Ripken, Eddie Murray, Jim Palmer

Happy Trails - Jim Palmer
Die-hard Orioles fans know 1984 was the stumbling end of Jim Palmer's career.  After three disastrous starts and five games total, he was done in Baltimore.  He was similarly ineffective in Statis Pro, though not quite as bad.  Let's take a look:

Real 1984:  18IP  9.17ERA  0-3  4K's  2.21WHIP
Statis Pro:   16IP  5.63ERA  0-2  11K's  2.06WHIP

You regular readers of the blog know the Orioles are my favorite team.  It would have been fun to play with a 70's era team when Palmer was a dominant pitcher.  These five games were not a fun experience...

Game #320 - Kansas City Royals, 3 @ Toronto Blue Jays, 8

The Toronto offense continues to beat up whoever they face.  They had four innings in a row where they scored runs.  Jim Clancy wasn't really outstanding, but he ate up innings while the balanced lineup put up hits and runs.  On the flip side, Kansas City continues to flounder.  I'm not quite sure how they ended up being the AL West champions in 1984.

Winning Pitcher - Jim Clancy
Losing Pitcher - Mike Gubicza
Player of the Game - Clancy, 8IP, 4K's, 3R's
Hall of Famers in the Game - George Brett

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