July 27, 2014

May 4th, 1984 - May The Fourth Be With You

Game #321 - San Diego Padres, 1 @ Chicago Cubs, 2

Eric Show gave up a two-out, two-RBI single to Jody Davis in the first inning.  Show went six more innings after that, shutting down Chicago, but it didn't matter.  The Padres only managed one run despite recording nine hits off Cubs starter Rich Bordi.  Lee Smith and Warren Brusstar retired all six San Diego Padres  hitters they faced to secure the victory.

Winning Pitcher - Rich Bordi
Losing Pitcher - Eric Show
Save - Warren Brusstar
Player of the Game - Jody Davis, 1-4, 2RBI's, threw out Alan Wiggins attempting to steal
Hall of Famers in the Game - Tony Gwynn, Goose Gossage, Ryne Sandberg

Game #322 - Houston Astros, 3 @ New York Mets, 2 (five innings, called for rain)

I almost ignored the "Z" card that ended this game early.  It was maybe the best pitching match up of the season as Bob Knepper was facing Doc Gooden.  They've been the two most dominant pitchers in the NL this season.  Houston managed to scrape together three runs off Gooden across five innings.  Knepper gave up two runs that weren't earned due to errors by Terry Puhl and Phil Garner, but he pitched strong enough for the abbreviated win - his sixth of the season.  The Mets lost George Foster for four games when he ran into the left field wall trying to catch an Alan Ashby double.

Winning Pitcher - Bob Knepper
Losing Pitcher - Doc Gooden
Player of the Game - Terry Puhl, 2-2, SAC, 2RBI's

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