April 2, 2012

April 13, 1984 - Friday the 13th

I can't believe I just noticed this was a "Friday the 13th" back in 1984.  It was certainly a horror show for some teams in today's games...

Game #101 - New York Mets, 2 @ Chicago Cubs, 0
If you ask the Cubs, they would swear Dwight Gooden was wearing a hockey mask out there.  He pitched his second complete game shutout of the year, fanning a Statis Pro record thirteen batters.  He only allowed four hits and two walks.  Dennis Eckersley was nearly as good for the Cubs, but walked two batters with the bases loaded in the seventh.  I think I'm going to remove him from the active roster since in the real 1984 he was still on the Red Sox at this point of the season.

Winning Pitcher - Dwight Gooden
Losing Pitcher - Dennis Eckersley
Player of the Game - Gooden
Hall of Famers in the Game - Ryne Sandberg, Dennis Eckersley

Game #102 - Cincinnati Reds, 1 @ Houston Astros, 10
The Reds will be having nightmares about this game for some time.  Houston scored all ten of their runs in the first three innings while Nolan Ryan had a shutout into the ninth before the Reds scored their lone run of the game.  Bill Scherrer pitched a nice six innings of relief for the Reds.  Houston catcher Mark Bailey took a nasty foul ball off the bat of Ron Oester and is injured for the next 20 games - another victim of the 13th!

Winning Pitcher - Nolan Ryan
Losing Pitcher - Frank Pastore
Player of the Game - Denny Walling, 3-5, 2 2B's, 4RBI's, 1R
Hall of Famers in the Game - Nolan Ryan

Game #103 - San Francisco Giants, 8 @ Los Angeles Dodgers, 5
The Giants were in their own 0-7 horror movie to start the season but finally came back to life against their dreaded foe the Dodgers.  They scored three quick runs on Alejandro Pena in the first, including a two run homer from Jack Clark.  But the Dodgers took the lead in the seventh when they scored five runs off of Giants starter Mike Krukow, with the biggest hit being a grand slam from pinch hitter Franklin Stubbs.  But San Fran score three in the eighth off reliever Jerry Reuss.  The RBI's came from back to back homers by Bob Brenly and Joel Youngblood.

Winning Pitcher - Frank Williams
Losing Pitcher - Jerry Reuss
Save - Gary LaVelle
Player of the Game - Joel Youngblood, 2-3, HR, 2RBI's, sac fly

It's probably just a coincidence that a guy with the last name "Youngblood" was a player of the game on Friday the 13th.  *nervous gulp*


  1. That means that 1984 has the exact same calendar as this year, including leap day. What a nice coincidence!

  2. You're right! I've been thinking lately too it would be cool if I could finish this season by 2014, since that would be the 30 year anniversary of the real 1984...

  3. Good luck, Rob! I've been replaying the 1978 season one game at a time since 1980; I'm currently on the NL slate of games for July 20th, which puts me at Game #1237, with another 1,000 games to go! Nice to see that there's another SP full-season replayer out there besides myself...

  4. Todd - that is awesome! How's Eddie Murray looking?

  5. Eddie's actually doing really well...through June 30th he was batting .328, with 102 hits, 15 HR's, and 45 RBI. For July, he's hitting .309, with 4 HR's and 9 RBI. The hot hitters for the O's in July are Ken Singleton (.361) and utility infielder Billy Smith (.370), who's getting a little more playing time these days due to that average...

  6. That's awesome - Eddie's my favorite player all time. 1984 Singleton was pretty attrocious, but so far in my season he's been half decent...