April 21, 2012

April 16, 1984 - Why, Blogger, Why???

Forgive me for this brief rant.  Why did Blogger have to change their format??  Yes, I'm the cranky guy who resists change and complains every time Facebook switches things up too.  My page is filled with all this dead space, buttons aren't where they're supposed to be, my blog roll is hard to look at.  Blah.

Game #128 - Baltimore Orioles, 5 @ Cleveland Indians, 4
Things didn't look promising for the O's at the start of the game.  Scott McGregor surrendered a three run blast to Carmelo Castillo to give Cleveland a 3-0 lead after one inning of play.  The Orioles fought back, though, using the long ball.  Rick Dempsey hit a solo shot in the second inning.  In the fifth Wayne Gross hit his fifth of the year and Dempsey added a second homer two, this one for two runs.  That gave Baltimore the 4-3 lead. 

In the ninth Cal Ripken tripled off of reliever Mike Jeffcoat and Eddie Murray hit a sacrifice fly for the insurance RBI.  It turned out to be the winning hit because Baltimore closer Sammy Stewart gave up an RBI single to Brett Butler before Pat Tabler eventually flied out to end the game.

Winning Pitcher - Scott McGregor
Losing Pitcher - Mike Jeffcoat
Save - Sammy Stewart
Player of the Game - Dempsey, 3-4, 2HR's, 3RBI's
Hall of Famers in the Game - Cal Ripken, Eddie Murray

Game #129 - California Angels, 10 @ Minnesota Twins, 0
Frank Viola has started three games and has been shelled in each.  In Statis Pro he's a "2-7" pitcher, which is pretty good, especially for a starter.  Luck has not been in his favor.  He gave up five runs to start the game, all on singles.  He pitched seven innings total, giving up three more in the fifth, two of which were attributed to a Gary Gaetti error in left field.  (Gaetti played a few games in left before John Castino was injured for the year in the real 1984). 

For the Angels every starter had at least one hit.  Jerry Narron, who has been filling in for the injured Bob Boone, was 3-4 with three RBI's.  Boone is off the DL now, so Narron will head back to the bench.  California starter Ron Romanick got tossed for being suspected of doctoring the ball.  Reliever John Curtis came in and pitched a nice 6+ innings of shut out ball. 

Winning Pitcher - John Curtis
Losing Pitcher - Frank Viola
Player of the Game - Curtis, 6 1/3IP, 5K's, 0R's
Hall of Famers in the Game - Kirby Puckett

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