October 2, 2012

April 20, 1984 - Giant Comeback

Game #172 - Cincinnati Reds, 6 @ San Francisco Giants, 8

It's been a few games since I've thought I made an error as manager, but this one certainly broke that streak.

The Reds jumped out to a huge lead, they were up 6-1 after six innings.  In the top of the seventh I allowed starting pitcher Frank Pastore, who was truly awful in the real 1984 but dealing well this day, to bat for himself and pitch into the seventh.  Chili Davis led off the seventh with a homer and Al Oliver and Jeoffrey Leonard followed that with two hits of their own before Pastore was finally yanked too late.  Error #1 for me. 

My second mistake came in the next inning.  The Reds were only leading now 6-5.  Their pitcher was due to hit in the ninth, so I wanted to save their best reliever, Ted Power, for the bottom of the ninth.  This meant I used scrubs Brad Lesley and Bill Scherrer to try and preserve the lead, which they didn't manage to do.  Before I knew it the Giants were up 8-6 and Power never got into the game.  Sorry Reds fans, that one is on me.

Winning Pitcher - Greg Minton
Losing Pitcher - Brad Lesley
Save - Frank Williams
Player of the Game - Chili Davis, 4-5, HR, 2RBI's, 2R's

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