October 14, 2012

April 21, 1984 - The HEAT is ON

Game #175 - Kansas City Royals, 0 @ Cleveland Indians, 2

Neal Heaton just blew my mind.

After his dominant pitching performance in today's game, I cracked open my 85 Topps set to find his card - but he didn't have one.  I've had sets in the past that have been missing a card or two, but a quick Google search yielded no proof of its existence.  Why did Topps pass on Heaton?  He led Cleveland in games started in 1984.  Was it another contract dispute between a baseball card company and a player?  A gross oversight?  Another slight to the city of Cleveland?  Why, Neal, Why???

Heaton went the distance in this game, scattering nine hits and two walks without surrendering a run.  The Royals helped him out by hitting into five double plays.  That's two straight 2-0 victories by the Indians over the Royals.  Ouch KC, time to wake up your bats!

Winning Pitcher - Neal Heaton
Losing  Pitcher - Larry Gura
Player of the Game - Heaton, CG SHO, 2K's

I need to get serious about buying the 1985 Donruss and Fleer sets for this blog.  In the meantime, enjoy some cheesey, vintage 80's music in honor of Neal.

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