October 22, 2012

April 21, 1984 - Yankee Scrub?

Game #178 - Texas Rangers, 1 @ New York Yankees, 4

I came across this article while trying to find a jpeg of Steve Kemp.  The author created an "All Scrub" team of the 1980's Yankees, and Kemp made the starting lineup.  The Statis Pro Steve Kemp hasn't gotten the memo yet that he's supposed to stink.  In this game he earned his second "player of the game" honors on the year by going 3 for 4, including a two run homer in the first.  He's now hitting .475 in 40 at bats this season!

Rangers pitcher Dickie Noles had a weird game.  He's normally a "2-5" rated pitcher, which in Statis Pro is below average.  I'm playing the rule stipulation that you flip a "Fast Action Card" at the start of the game to determine if the pitchers have great, good, average, bad, or terrible "stuff."  Sure enough, Noles was assigned terrible stuff, meaning his rating dropped to "2-3".  The other rule with this stipulation is that you can't change pitchers unless his pitcher rating drops even lower.  The crazy thing, though, was that Noles pitched a complete game loss, only giving up 4 runs over eight innings! 

The Rangers couldn't put anything together against Yankee starter Ray Fontenot.  He went into the eighth inning before finally giving up a RBI single to Billy Sample.  Larry Parrish hit two doubles to give him 11 on the season, but Texas couldn't do much besides that.  The Rangers have now lost five games in a row.

Winning Pitcher - Ray Fontenot
Losing Pitcher - Dickie Noles
Save - Dave Righetti
Player of the Game - Steve Kemp
Hall of Famers in the Game - Dave Winfield

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